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I don't know about you, but up until a few months ago, I would roll my eyes whenever I heard the word "podcast". I always pictured somewhat nerdy guys sitting in a utility closet with headsets, talking about video games or something.


Boy. Was. I. Wrong.


There are so many interesting men and women out there, speaking wisdom and God's word to hundreds and hundreds of listeners every day. Someone in this amazing, grace-filled cyber community that I have followed for a while is Jess Connolly. She is an author, business owner, mom, and (as of October of last year) hosts her own podcast.


Listening to her show, Go and Tell Gals, started my rabbit hole adventure that is podcasts. I listen to podcasts in the shower, commuting to work, doing housework… basically whenever I have the free time or am busy doing menial tasks.


They are available through a lot of different platforms, but the one I use is just the Apple podcast app. It allows me to download episodes so that I can listen to them even when I don't have a lot of service (which is often for how much time I spend in the middle of nowhere). AND I can subscribe to the shows I find interesting so that, whenever my favorite hosts upload a new episode, it downloads immediately and sends me a notification to let me know one has been posted.


I will say, there are all kinds of podcasts for just about any subject or topic you are interested in, not just faith-based ones. I definitely think everyone can benefit from at least one podcast show and they're worth exploring!


Part of what I want to do through this brand and platform is provide my followers with resources I have found useful in furthering my faith and sharing that faith with others. And oh my, these shows I listen to have spoken so much truth and inspiration into my life! So without further ado, I would love to review some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Podcast Feature: Go and Tell Gals

When we say we have an internet girl crush on Jess Connolly, we're not lying.


Y'all, this woman is amazing!


She is an author, business owner, and a woman of God.


She is an influencer, an Enneagram fanatic, and a preacher's wife.


She and her husband planted a church in Charleston, SC (one of our favorite cities!) a few years back. She also is the founder, co-owner and brand director of a SUPER CUTE store called All Good Things Collective and has written multiple books about God and faith. One of these books, Wild and Free, which she wrote with Hayley Morgan, is probably the most influential book we have ever read (other than the Bible of course) .


Jess claims that in high school, she was the one girl everyone would have voted as “Least Likely to Succeed”.


She wasn't all that when it came to school. She barely passed her college English classes. She dated a not-so-great guy who may or may not have dealt drugs.


Who else resonates even just a little bit with this? We definitely do!


But, guess what? That very same Jess, who dated a drug dealer and barely passed English, is now publishing God-centered content and influencing thousands of women every day. The Lord transformed her life in a way that leaves us jaw-dropped and awe-struck.


Obviously, we love everything Jess Connolly does. So, when she posted about starting up a podcast, we had to give it a listen.


The premise behind the “Go and Tell Gals” podcast is something we fully support. Each episode features a guest who is "running on mission" and sharing the amazing news of God's sacrifice He made for all of us. Believe us when we say the women Jess has interviewed are INCREDIBLE! We knew there were some pretty awesome ladies out there, but we had no clue just how many there were, and how many were making an effort to make God's word known throughout society!


We highly, highly recommend keeping up with Jess on social media, podcasts, and through her website.



Her personal account is:


@jessaconnolly on instagram


Her business accounts are:


@goandtellgals & @allgoodthingscollective



Y'all, go give her a listen… We promise you won't regret it!

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